Do you want to break into Startup Business Development?

By now you probably know breaking into startups as a non-technical person is not easy.

Actually, it’s really fricken hard.

Today I want to help by giving you exact strategies and tactics to burst on to the startup scene and land the Biz Dev job of your dreams. Below you’ll find an invitation to a free email course on how to Break Into Biz Dev TODAY.

Scott, why should I listen to what you have to say?

Well for starters, I’ve helped tons of people accomplish this. BUT before that I pulled this off myself!

When I left college, I would have guessed “HTML” was a type of Honda…6 months later I was working for a Peter Thiel backed startup…14 months later I was being incubated to run my own startup… 24 months later I was the 2nd half of a Business Development team that helped my company be acquired for $100M.

But enough about me, here is some real results, from real people I’ve helped:


2286215“I had a pretty successful career in Enterprise Sales in a non-tech industry and eventually got bored of the same ol same ol – so I decided to try and break into the SF start-up scene in a Biz Dev role. Turns out no one in the start-up world cares about what you did before or how successful you were. All they care about is – How can you get them to the next level? I took Scott’s “Break Into the Startup World : A Lesson in Business Development” and quickly realized I needed to really prove what I can do and stop talking about it. After several failed interviews and un-returned calls, I finally took Scott’s advice and volunteered to do a small project at a start-up for free. It ended up being a huge success which then led to a consulting gig and finally a full time dream job within 60 days.”
-Danoosh K, Biz Dev at General Assembly
528983_4342330444482_1252880741_n (1)There’s too much nebulous information out there about Tech- Biz-Dev and what a role in that space really entails. Scott Britton boiled it down, in layman’s terms, and provided me with the actionable advice to move in on a BD job in an intelligent way. Call him a precocious sage or whatever you want, the bottom line is his frank strategies and overall feel for the industry are undoubtedly invaluable for anyone who has BD on their radar.   
-Jared G, Biz Dev at Stella Service
00bff20Unless you’re a programmer or have technical talent, breaking your way onto the startup scene is incredibly hard. I really am lucky that I ran into Scott early on in my journey; his teachings about networking, strategy and of course business development were essential in my eventually landing a role leading BD at an awesome startup. He’s been so effective in turning his experiences into career lessons that everyone can benefit from, and I can honestly recommend Scott’s content, and this course, to anyone looking to grow their career – at a startup or elsewhere. ”
-Ron G, Biz Dev at SketchFab

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